Q.  What is the Buff Loyalty Rewards Program

A.  The Program provides participants (defined below as “Members”) who purchase eligible products (“Eligible Products”) with the ability to obtain a certain percentage of their purchase amount as a discount towards future purchases (“Points”) as well as other discounts and benefits (collectively referred to as “Rewards”). 

Q. What is required to participate in the program? 

A.  To participate in the program, you need to create a Buff Loyalty account. If you don't have an account, visit a Buff City store location, and let a Buff City employee know you’d like to create one.  It’s free. You will need to provide your phone number and opt-in to receiving text messages to participate in the Program.  

Q. How do I earn Points? 

A. Once you create an account, you can start earning Points by providing your phone number when making qualifying purchases. You will earn 5% in Points for every $1 spent which can be used towards future purchases (e.g., spend $100 = receive 5 Points that you can redeem for $5 toward a future purchase).  Note that you cannot accumulate Points by purchasing certain items, such as gift cards. 

Q. When can I earn Points? 

A. You can earn Points on qualifying purchases after signing up whenever you provide the phone number associated with your Program account at checkout.   

Q. Can I earn or redeem Points by shopping online? 

A. No. Only in store purchases at participating Buff City stores qualify for the Program. 

Q. When can I redeem Points and Rewards? 

A. You can redeem Points and Rewards as soon as they show up in your account. A Buff City employee can let you know which Points and Rewards are in your account. 

Q.  What is required to redeem Points and Rewards? 

A.  To redeem Points and Rewards, all you need to do is provide your phone number and tell a Buff City employee which Points or Reward(s) you’d like to redeem. 

Q.  How can I view the Points and Rewards that are available for me? 

A. To view available Points and Rewards, visit a Buff City store location and tell a Buff City employee you’d like to check your Points Rewards balance. You’ll need to provide the phone number associated with your Program account. 

Q.  How long does it take until Points are active on my account? 

A.  Points should be available soon after a qualifying transaction.  If Points do not appear within 48 hours, please contact us using the information below.   

Q.  How long are Points and Rewards available/do Points and Rewards expire?  

A. Rewards may change over time.  If a particular Reward, such as a coupon or free item, has an expiration date for use, that will be noted on the Reward.  Accrued Points expire according to the following schedule: 

  • Points Accrued Prior to January 1, 2022 Will Expire if Not Redeemed By July 17, 2023 
  • Points Accrued January 1, 2022 through April 17, 2023 Will Expire if Not Redeemed by April 17, 2024 
  • Points Accrued Starting April 17, 2023 Will Expire Exactly one (1) year after accrual 

Q.  What happens if my Points or Rewards do not apply when I purchase my product at the store? 

A.  Occasionally this may happen for a variety of reasons. If you notice this, contact us using the information below.   

Q.  What if my store doesn't carry the product for which I have obtained a Reward (such as a free item)? 

A.  Store inventories vary. We strive to provide as wide of a variety of products as possible at all our locations.  However, we cannot guarantee that each store will carry all products. If a certain product is unavailable for an extended period, we reserve the right to substitute a similar product of equal or greater value that can be redeemed for a particular Reward. 

Q.  Do I need to remove expired Points and Rewards from my account? 

A.  No. Once Points or Rewards have expired, they will be deleted from your account and no longer available for redemption.  

Q.  Can I use my Points and Rewards at any Buff City store? 

A.  Yes. 

Q.  What if I return an item from a purchase in which I used Points? 

A.  When Points are used to make a purchase, any returns from that order will be first credited any Points used, and then refunded the remaining amount.  For example, if you return a $10 item from a $100 order in which $5 in Points were used, you will be credited the 5 Points back first, and then issued a $5 refund. 

Q.  What happens to my Points when I return an item? 

A.  If you return an item that caused an accrual of Points in your account, we may remove those Points from your account upon return of the item. 

Contact Us

Q.  Where can I find assistance with any issues not covered above? 

A.  We have a customer care team that would be happy to assist you with any issues encountered while enjoying the Program. Please provide as much detail as possible when contacting this team so that they may assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Customer Care Team: support@buffcitysoap.com   

Privacy & Terms of Use 

Q.  How does Buff City protect my privacy? 

A.  Please see our Privacy Policy posted on https://buffcitysoap.com/pages/privacy-policy.   

Q.  What are the Terms & Conditions of the Buff City Rewards Program? 

A.  Please see the Buff City Rewards Program Terms & Conditions posted here: https://buffcitysoap.com/pages/loyalty-terms-conditions.   

Q.  What are the Terms & Conditions of your website? 

A.  Please see our website Terms & Conditions posted here: https://buffcitysoap.com/pages/terms-conditions.