Make Memories And Custom Mini Bath Bombs With Friends, Family, And Co-Workers

it’s party time

your quick guide to buff events

Kids Birthday Bash and Ladies Night Out Events can be booked online and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Pricing for these events starts at $225 for parties with 4-10 guests.

Want to party a little bit earlier? Have fewer guests or more guests? Please call your Makery for pricing and availability for a Custom Event. Pricing may vary by location.

ready to book your buff event?


We had such a great time making bath bombs. The products are top quality and our designated Maker was great to work with. We will definitely be back to purchase more products.
Paul Wilson


I have fewer than 4 guests in my party. How can I book an event at my local Makery?

Use our Store Locator to contact your local or chosen Makery for details on booking a party for 2-3 guests!

I have more than 10 guests. Can I still book an event?

Most Makeries are equipped to handle events for over 10 guests during non-busy times or after hours. Contact your local Makery for details on creating a Custom Event!

I have questions about my event. Who do I contact to make sure the details are taken care of?

You can expect to hear from a Maker several days before your scheduled event but if you have questions that you need answered before that call, always feel welcome to reach out to your Makery!